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"Under the Influence"
at Aroma
an exhibit of paintings by Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow

Washington, DC
Opening Party: May 8th 7pm - close

"Under the Influence" is an important show for me for several reasons. First, it's an exhibit with my nearest and dearest, Matt Sesow. Second, Aroma is the place where Matt and I met 8 years ago. And, "Under the Influence" is the perfect moniker on several levels. There's the obvious reference to drinking but, on a deeper level, it refers to the influence Matt and I have had on each other as painters. We'll be exhibiting about 12 paintings each which will hang at Aroma throughout the months of May and June

Friday, May 8th at 7pm we kick off the show! Aroma is a bar so you must be 21 years or older to attend.

3417 Connecticut Ave NW
(just south of Cleveland Park Metro - between N Ordway St & N Porter St)
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 244-7995

Under the Influence
  Dana Ellyn

Dana Ellyn is a DC resident and full-time painter living in downtown DC. Dana committed herself to full-time status in 2002 when she decided to leave her corporate job and pursue painting. Her work is exemplified by a risk-taking vision, and strong content - tackling religious and political motifs with her own brand of satire. Dana values her fine arts training but now works on peeling away the art school compulsion to make, and hide behind, pretty pictures.
Matt Sesow

Matt Sesow is a DC resident and full-time painter living in Adams Morgan. Matt started painting as a hobby while working at IBM in the mid 1990's and took to art full-time after establishing himself within the movements of Outsider and Folk Art. Matt claims his work doesn't fit into the stereotypical vein of Outsider Art, instead preferring to call himself a self-teaching expressionist who happens to be passionately creating somewhere within the outliers of contemporary art (an "Outlier Artist"). Self-represented and vehemently independent, Sesow now lives entirely off the sales of his paintings while continuing to branch outside the Washington, DC area showing at a variety of emerging and established venues.

Photos from the show (coming soon....)