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"I Call Shenanigans"
Long View Gallery

Washington, DC
June 8 - 30th
Opening Reception June 9th 6-8pm

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Contact:    Drew Porterfield


I Call Shenanigans
Dana Ellyn

Dana Ellyn
The War Within
Acrylic on canvas

Dana Ellyn
This Little Piggy
Acrylic on canvas
June 9, 2007 - June 30, 2007

Artist Reception: Saturday, June 9, 6 to 8pm

Washington, D.C. - [May 17, 2007] - Long View Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings entitled "I Call Shenanigans" by Dana Ellyn from June 9 - June 30, with an artist reception on Saturday, June 9, 2007, from 6 to 8 pm. In the gallery's upstairs annex, we will revisit select pieces from the past five years of her "31 Days In July" series in anticipation of this July's work.

Dana Ellyn values her fine arts training but arduously works on peeling away the art school compulsion to make, and hide behind, pretty pictures. Dana's unique perspective and inspiration are drawn from living in the world's most influential city - she lives and paints less than five blocks from the White House. The allure of a Dana Ellyn painting is that it tells a story; her paintings have meaning, and sometimes the message may come as a shock. Her work is bold and confrontational, often exposing unpleasant aspects of current issues.

Ellyn's work elicits conversation, tackling the subjects of religion, politics, family and other sensitive issues with sardonic humor and engaging honesty. Her work forces reaction rather than complacency - begging the viewer to think, to understand, to interpret, and then to discuss. Sometimes conversations become heated with reactions such as:

"In my totally uneducated opinion, Dana Ellyn is BEGGING for help."
-Anonymous response received to "I Call Shenanigans" invitation

While the characters that populate her paintings often appear crazed, their message is solid. Ellyn is an artist with the capacity to evoke polarized emotional responses, both positive and negative, which makes her work unique, respectable, and intriguing.

Dana Ellyn is a George Washington University graduate in fine arts and art history who quit her law-firm job five years ago to become a full-time artist.

For high resolution images, contact Drew Porterfield at: drew_porterfield@longviewgallery.com

About Long View Gallery

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Photos from the Opening Reception: June 9th
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