Barracks Row

Tour of Duty

When celebrated composer John Philip Sousa walked the streets of Barracks Row, people called this neighborhood Capitol Hill-Navy Yard.

U.S. Marines and the U.S. Navy gave the community its unique flavor. Here Washington's oldest and largest industrial plant – the Navy Yard with its ship-testing facilities and massive gun factories – attracted laborers, engineers, sailors, and civilians for more than a century.

These residents developed businesses, churches, synagogues, and institutions that continue to support today's community. We invite you to experience today's thriving Barracks Row in the company of its lively past.


Each painting below represents one of the stops on the Barracks Row Heritage Trail. Click to see larger versions and full descriptions of what bit of history inspired each painting.

There are 16 stops on the Barracks Row Heritage Trail. Dana Ellyn is working towards creating a painting for every stop. Please check back often to see the newest paintings and learn a new bit of DC history with each visit!

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